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Ramie is the national treasure of China and its output accounts for ninty percent of the world¡¯s total value.Ramie fibre has an ditchshaped hollow unside and a lot of holes on its walls,so the ventilaticve ability is about three times that of cotton, and it has functions as anti-decay anti-bacteria. Hence, it has been regarded as the "king of natural fibre".

Ramie-producing have a long history in China, as early as 2600 years ago, Guyue-Nationality in Jiangxi had taken up tilling ramie and weaving by hand. Yichun is the main areas in Jiangxi, one of the two biggest high-quality ramie-producing base in China. Yichun¡¯s climate is suitable to plant ramie, it has high quality such as soft, high sigle fibre count and high rate of degumming. The Yichun¡¯s Hand Made Ramie Fabric had been classified as tribute in each dynasty as it is ¡°light as cicada¡¯s wings, thin as paper, flat as mirror, slender as silk¡±.


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